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daughter and grand daughters and my mom

more writin'

Just to let you all know. I am still hard at work on my screenplay and I came up with a line, inspired by Karen and dedicated to the women I work with. This is sure to make it's way into the screenplay. It way goes like this, "It is a lucky man who gets to be tempered by the fire of a passionate woman."

And here is a link to something I wrote a while ago:


What is it you have always wanted?Is it the girl of your dreams, is it he man of your dreams, or is it fuck the people what I really want is an iphone?You can have it.Just take one step everyday and before you know it you will be there.It might take a lifetime but if you really want it, if you really want something like true love, then you won’t mind the journey so much.If you are like me you will get pissed off, but over all happy and committed to this thing that you love.I love to write and it has taken me this whole lifetime to get that, that’s what I love. I have been writing about 20 or 30 minutes a day for the last 6 months.It has been difficult given my schedule and it’s a love, so I do it. A friend of mine wrote and said basically the same thing I heard from a sermon I had listened to. The sermon came from Michael Beckwith and the advice, wrapped in love came from my good and insightful friend Art.The gist was it was this…… you can say you are a writer (like Landmark style) a d…


Zeus is gone. My sixteen year puppy made his passing. I love him and will miss him. He was and is a spirit-friend for me. He taught me a lot. I know his memories will continue to teach me.

So now what.....

A new beginning, that's what. I am writer. Did you know that? I write all the time. I have interactions with people and I think later, that was a great interaction. I was such a #ssh@l* and that would play so well in the story of my life. How brilliant. Life is so golden, dripping even…….

So where is all this going?

I turned in my notice at Landmark Education and have laid out slow withdrawal plan with my manager. Soooooo, my employment will end in San Francisco and Karen and I will move to Washington in February.

This is the readers digest version; I think the long version will make a great story someday.

The summation goes like this: I love to write and I have put off writing for too long.

So now it begins.

Step one: find a well paying, low intensity job
Step one as well: continue to write.
Step one also: live love

Live love for myself and others around me and stay ground in my own personal truth.The multi-verse really is too big for one convenient Truth that explains it all, don’t you t…


YES ..... my first post. I should call this a new beginning and not, "welcome." This is a new begin the next 100 years are going to rock!.