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Welcome to Vegas

What follows is a snipet from a short story I am working on, "Welcome to Vegas." Let me know what you think....

* * * * * * *

Now look at me.
I had a future on Tuesday.
It's Friday and I'm a joke.
Now I have darkness and refuse.

Rotting garbage, that smell, that’s how I know I'm in trouble.
When you're in trouble you can smell it.
The smell of Carter's Heineken foul breath.
When I was a kid the acid smell, dreck of my father's tobacco spittle stuck to my face.

I know my life has taken a turn for the worse, the stench.
But the smell is a distraction, making the cold not so cold.

I can only feel one thing at a time, so the smell of the garbage battles back the cascade of my newest failure.
The cold, the hunger and the loss, they’re all tucked in, somewhere behind the stink.


I just saw a great movie.

It's called "August Rush."

It is also NOT a great movie.
Completely predictable.

It is also a GREAT movie, completely magical.

It reminded me of what art should be: It should be inspiring.
Art should be like spirituality, it should call on us to be our very best, no half-steppin'.

Art is meant to be more than entertainment.
At its height, it should remind us to reach for more, to be present, to be grateful, to live as though it matters.

The screenplays I am at work on, are certainly entertaining, but I don't know that they reach the level of art.
I don't know that they stir the Soul.

Maybe that is what I will work on next......

Have some fun ,,,,, see this...