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Had writer's block

Who had writer's block for a while?

Me, that's who. I actually don't believe in "writer's block."
That is to say I DIDN'T believe in writer's block.
If someone had said to me they were having trouble writing, I would have said,
"Oh, you mean you're irretrievably lazy?"

But now I get it. If I don't rest, relax and enjoy what I'm doing,
I'm probably going to get "backed up."
So what got me free? Just being able to lay it on the line with the West Seattle Writers' Group.
That's what freed me up. I'm amazed by how often just talking about a problem can have the solution to the problem materialize, just crazy-good!

So... I am re-submitting my "Regular Guy" screenplay to the NWSG.
I am starting a Seattle food blog and I may even update my Facebook page every now and then.

Here's a snippet of something I am working on...


All I wanted was a glass of water. I didn't care what m…