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Writing and more writing

Excerpt from a story I am working on ....
"... We were both kinda blissed-out and hungover after our honeymoon. Very much in awe of the ceremony and the way people cried, like they were getting married maybe? Very much in love and unsure. Then it happened, pulling out of the Phoenician, on our way home, we got rear-ended. More of a love tap then a car crash.
A blue-haired Scottsdale lady, in a big ass Cadillac. We were in tiny Honda and the beast of a car scooted us forward an inch or two. Not a big deal really. But in that moment my heart lept into my throat, a million things could have gone through my mind, but there was only one thought, “Is Carla okay? Please God, don't let anything happen to Carla.” I didn't have to look to see if the same thing was behind Carla's eyes. She had flung her arm across my torso, as if to stop me from flying through the windshield. Our eyes met and she cried. Our eyes met and I could breathe again. Some people get married during the…