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Serious play

I sat down to work on my second screeplay, but this is what popped out... In honor of football season, I guess...

Kids tumble like waves over each other. Playing, the back and forth playing with everything. Play fighting, play loving, imitating, experimenting with gravity and all of life.
Somewhere along the way we forget how to play, how to give and take and maybe we even forget how to just be, how to just sit around. And that gives birth to a hollow and from that hollow, confusion and from that confusion harm and that harm brings death.
We forgot how to play, now we kill.
It's second down and five yards to go.
Or we try to.We slowly kill ourselves.
It's that simple. Kill ourselves, kill others, just for a chance to recapture that shiny thing from childhood. Kill for joy.
I killed myself last night.
First and ten.
When the ball is snapped I slap the defensive tackle on the side of the helmet, hard, I'm sure his ears are ringing, the ref doesn't see, that's one for me.
The …