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March update and Do You Mind

A whole quarter of 2012 has almost rocketed by without a post from me. For shame...

Below an excerpt from a short story I'll submit to my writer's group next. Wish me luck...
First one to spot a typo gets a cup of coffee, on me.

From, "Do You Mind"

"What happened?" The phrase leaps from my mouth.
Isn't that the question everyone asks when they know what happened?

Lillian tells me what I already know, I passed out.

"The doctor thinks you might have low blood sugar? Did you eat today, Peter?

My mind spins around these questions looking for the last question I was asked.

I have never been the object of anyone's desire. I am fit, I'm not ugly. I have a sandy-haired, aw-shucks cuteness that some women find appealing, , low mileage. But to be used in someone's fantasy, I think it made all the blood rush out of my head.

And no, the blood never made it to my other head.

"The doctor wanted me to let her know when you came to. I think you're go…