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This is an excerpt from my novel, Redemption.

My friend Charlie just said he wished I was dead. There was no avenue back. It's not like this moment was an exclamation point following all that happened. "I wish you were dead," doesn't mean much when the person you're saying it to has already walked away.

I can't tell you why I stopped, I can't tell you why my blood boiled, but it did. I did. In my mind's eye, I spun, grabbed a drink off his table and threw it in his face. As he gurgled and bristled, I leapt forward and flipped the cafe-table away from him and throttled him. Misty cried and Kate tried to hold me back.

That didn't happen. I still wish it had to this day. I did turn and look down into Charlie and I spoke the last words, I ever spoke to him.

"You tried to kill me once already, you're wishing I was dead now, won't make it so."