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Good Night, prequel

I decided to take a lover that Spring out of sheer boredom. Because the town we live in is small, or perhaps just fate, my had taken a lover as well. The same person. It did not end well for that one.

After the kids had left the house, alone in our togetherness, I decided to leave Sheila. I plopped my self into the breakfast nook and told her as much.
She burst out laughing and then pointed the tear stained letter she had shoved under my poached eggs. Her note asking me for a divorce. We laughed until we cried. Then we fucked like bunnies.

What to do with the years we had left?

She kissed me once on the lips, then puttered around the kitchen. She kissed me again and leaned for upstairs but leaned back and kissed me on the nose.

I walk our dog, Marmoset before bed.

This was a life in a nutshell. She provided love and nurturing. She made our place a home. I did what need doing.

After circling the block and letting Marmoset pee on every other lawn, I brought him in, took off my baseb…