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Raymond Ussery is a creative, trusted eCommerce Senior Project Manager and trainer, who leads teams using a modified agile approach. He has developed lasting business relationships and lead development efforts with retailers, large equipment manufacturers, government organizations, technology concerns, and start-ups. Motivated by growing the business and exceeding targets set by management

A manager with more than a decade of B2C and B2B experience, focused on growing global software and high technology businesses. Hybris and e-commerce expert that focuses on client solutions, and collaborates with the customers to find the best solution and enable them to make informed and profitable decisions.
Raymond  has delivered over a dozen B2C and B2B Hybris engagements and marketing engagements
Sapient Corporation, March 2016 to present
ProjectB2C, Manufacturer 
I was tasked with leading a hybris implementation team to build a robust, world-class, differentiated and customer-centric digital web site that enables content marketing opportunities and frictionless e-commerce
§  Developed plan for completing the B2C work
§  Acted as scrum master and project manager
§  Led multi-time zone, multi-country, 36-person team

Project  – B2C, Retailer
I managed a release team to support ongoing work, on different versions of the retailer’s commerce enabled web site and its interface with SAP
§  Developed Sprint release plan
§  Acted as scrum master and project manager
§  Led multi-time zone, multi-country, 12-person team

Project  – B2C, Retailer and internal projects
I managed a release team to support ongoing work, on different versions of the retailer’s commerce enabled web site and its interface with SAP
§  Led intra-company Sprints related to internal product development
§  Designed training program for technical and business end-user for hybris

Project  – B2C, Retailer
Drove highly technical B2C project to successful resolution.  Led the project using JIRA and directed teams using a modified agile project process. Managed customer and project expectations through adherence to technical detail/User Stories, stand-up meetings and project retrospectives.
§  Arrive as project was “in flight”
§  Acted as scrum master and project manager
§  Multi-country, 40-person team
§  Delivered hybris End User Training sessions

§  Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 2005
§  Hybris Quick Start, Chicago, Illinois 


§  Hybris cockpits (hMC, wCMS, PCM, CS, Backoffice) 
§  Microsoft Project 
§  Atlassian Confluence 
§  Atlassian JIRA 
§  PC 
§  OS
§  HTML (basic)
§  Cisco Router Training




§ Instructor Filipino martial arts
§  Board member, Love Is My Religion
§  Board member, Highline Foodbank


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