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So now what.....

A new beginning, that's what.

I am writer. Did you know that? I write all the time. I have interactions with people and I think later, that was a great interaction.

I was such a #ssh@l* and that would play so well in the story of my life.

How brilliant. Life is so golden, dripping even…….

So where is all this going?

I turned in my notice at Landmark Education and have laid out slow withdrawal plan with my manager.

Soooooo, my employment will end in San Francisco and Karen and I will move to Washington in February.

This is the readers digest version; I think the long version will make a great story someday.

The summation goes like this: I love to write and I have put off writing for too long.

So now it begins.

Step one: find a well paying, low intensity job
Step one as well: continue to write.
Step one also: live love

Live love for myself and others around me and stay ground in my own personal truth. The multi-verse really is too big for one convenient Truth that explains it all, don’t you think?


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