Songs we sing to close the gap

 2021-01-16 Start and finish one short story. How hard can it be? Songs we sing to close the gap We were both staring at the water. Watching the blue become a deeper and lighter again as the tide rolled out. He started speaking without turning to look at me.  “I've always hated the church bells by our house. Now I hate them more.” I turn to look at him, my father in profile. “You can't mean, that? Pop you and Mom have lived here for forty years. Seaside view, church nearby. I thought you loved it here.” “You're mother loved it here. I loved it because she loved it. I missed the city like you wouldn't believe. I had enough real life for one day. Coming from my mother's graveside. 

Red and Blue America Aren’t Experiencing the Same Pandemic

An article from The Atlantic by Ronald Brownstein March 20, 2020 Even a disease as far-reaching as the coronavirus hasn’t entirely crossed the chasm between red and blue America. In several key respects, the outbreak’s early stages are unfolding very differently in Republican- and Democratic-leaning parts of the country. That disconnect is already shaping, even distorting, the nation’s response to this unprecedented challenge—and it could determine the pandemic’s ultimate political consequences as well.

How do you live love?

I asked a friend of mine, "how do you live love?" He thought about it and responded. His response is below.  This simple question gave me insight into his world and pointed me in the direction of how I can be a better human being, and accepted the being I already am. Thanks, Lloyd. " Raymond,   Your question brought about a very natural answer,  however,  without creating a context of my answer i feel the answer alone would miss the mark.   I saw a movie called "People vs The State of Illusion" that has an explanation of what love is and it resonates for me as to how I live Love every day.   Humberto Maturana (Chillaen Botinist) expression of Love.   His definition of Love is: It's the act of one person allowing another person to be a legitimate other.  It's the act of profound respect.   It's the act of me allowing you to be you, and when you experience that coming from me it opens you.  It brings about an absolute level of trust.  

Love of Bruce



Pomerol , f#cking awesome!  The food was delicious. John was our server, great. Rocky made us want to spend the whole night at the bar. The chef brought his "A" game. Wished we lived closer, would live there.

Right and Wrong and Football

There is no good reason to watch football. It's a brutal sport. It has long term consequences for it's players. Along with NBA, MLB, the NFL puts its employees in untenable positions. For everything that's wrong with football, there are of course a number of good things. This is one of them

Everyone is talking about Kanye West. I'm thinking about Childish Gambino.

Everyone is talking about Kanye West. I'm thinking about Childish Gambino .  What are you pondering? "I could only have seen it there, on the waxed hardwood floor of my elementary-school auditorium, because I was young then, barely 7 years old, and cable had not yet come to the city, and if it had, my father would not have believed in it. Yes, it had to have happened like this, like folk wisdom, because when I think of that era..."    Link to the full article