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It's Raining (Or, guess what, we live in Seattle)

We live in Seattle, or are about to. This is still news to me, it may be news to you as well, but sometimes it is news to me. I woke up this morning and had a thought... "Where the hell am I?" This is NOT the East Bay, it's not Oakland, Berkeley or El Cerrito or anywhere else we have lived in the last two years. Where am I? I thought about waking Karen up and asking her, but then I remembered, we are in Washington. 
We are staying at Karen's mom's place until our house in West Seattle is ready.
We now live in Washington. I am typing this out for my benefit, not yours. I never thought I would leave Arizona. And here we are, one country, seven cities later, here we are. Here's what's true.... I don't miss the desert, but I do miss my friends. I will never miss San Francisco, but the people I met there, I have in my heart.
I have been trying to come up with something poetic about this move, about dedicating myself, and my Self to being a writer. But nothing co…