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Mitch Part 2

I love Mitch Lerner.
I owe him.

He is the kindest and best among people and he reminds me to dream and dream big.

He makes me want things I don't have, he makes me wish for Superman.

Mitch Lerner reminded me today that:

1 Everyday we all have a challenge to face.
2 That everyday is a step toward, or away from the dreams we hold dearest.
3 That it can all be lost in an instant.

Hold a thought and a prayer for my friend Mitchie, hold a thought and a prayer for yourself.
Hold this: that today we will all take another step toward the fulfillment of our dreams.


Call home or call someone damn it! There is a person at the Sister's of Mercy that wants to speak to you urgently.

For the rest of you, if you have seen Mitch Lerner, lend him your cell phone so he call some people. Thanks