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Solid as a rock

We are a nation divided. From the health care debate to gay marriage, from years old "race wounds" to faith wars. It seems as though things are not getting any better.
So what would you expect if some young ladies knocked on your door some late Wednesday evening and said they were selling "rock?"
In the 21st century you might expect the worse, but if you live in Seattle, in Arbor Heights, you should expect what's pictured next to these words; rocks.And maybe that's enough to remind us that the future will be bright. As bright and simple as little girls selling rocks they found, cause its fun.
This is notice, that the light we see now is not a light fading from past glory. The light we see now is coming to us from a simple, bright and hopeful future.

Out run the past

Why no posts lately? More writer's block? Nope. I've been busy writing.
Here's a snippet....

"Abe?" For just a second the silky vibrato of my name hangs in the air. It's the memory of our love hanging there, between us.
It's the tender parts of me I left behind. I did love.

I have to make sure she doesn't come back. I lurch across the dining room table toward her. I grab her wrist, an iron grip.
My training kicks in: ulna and the radius to the humerus. How many pounds of pressure?

"Baby?" I say. Smiling and I shouldn't.

The pulse of her pulse, ripples through my hand. She freaks. I relax my grip and let her slip free. In two strides she is out the door, a natural athlete.