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After the EDGE

Since graduating from the EDGE program I've had precious little to say or write. I've only had a few ideas coming to me, and more than a few problems have popped up. Some I should have ignored and other needed my immediate attention.

To clear my head of all the stuff I thought I needed to do, I decided to do none of it and go to Phoenix, to see my mom and dad, daughter, granddaughters and friends.

Their love, their unbridled, we're-glad-to-see-you-love, was a great gift and it set something free in me.

Two days of Phoenix reminded me of who I am; loved, whole, brilliant, sought-after, fun, profoundly interested in my friends well being, a manly-man, martial artist, husband, teacher, student, lover, vampire (don't ask), writer (do ask), adventurer and someone who is ready.

I feel like this whole time God has been whispering, "Relax, relax, relax young one. It's going to work out." And I've been saying, "Are you sure?"

I'm sure now.