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New story in the works...

Short story sent to the New Yorker, check.
Flash fiction sent to Esquire, check.
Check in the mail for my efforts, no check, not yet, but soon.

The paragraph below is from a story I'm working on.

"Every word like a tiny metal claw, pulling the shroud of night over me.

Pushing me down, past sleep, past dreams, into another world.

And from this journey I know I will never return and after a time I forgot I could return."

"So," my Mother asks, "Are you going to see her again?"


Will Rose said…
Is this another short-short, or a lengthier story? Your excerpt is a good laugh -- a dark one, but a laugh. You sure get a lot into a short space.
Thanks, Will. This will definitely get added to a longer piece. Maybe the short-story I shelved about the guy with the Greek chorus in his head

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