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From... "Do You Mind."

Light bounces into the pit of my one bedroom apartment. With the sun comes traffic, it makes the walls seems like cardboard. I brace myself against the noise and I remind myself that, “Today is the first day, of the rest of my life.” I try to keep my breakfast down while I hum that mantra to myself. I remind myself that being stuck in an elevator for five hours was not traumatic, but it did give time to think. One thought circled my brain for five hours:
Someone inside me is trying to kill me.

From that sweaty little elevator I pictured my Id behind the wheel of my 1989 gun-metal-green Honda Accord, driving on to the tracks of an on coming train, grinning. Today is the first step of my course correction. I scheduled an appointment with a therapist.

"God, we just don't want to die alone."

“Who said that?” I say aloud to no one. Where is that voice coming from? Voices? I actually hear too many voices to count.  My subconscious shouting, except instead of one voice, ther…