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There are the notes from my novel, Redemption. My main character Roy Bacon has taken to blogging. 

I've been up for 21 hours. It's not unusual now.
When your up for 21 hours a simple Facebook post won't do, you have to write a blog post. (note to self, buy some Facebook stock) A simple Facebook post won't do. I need room. Room to write, uncensored, barely spell checked writing. Just going. Just me and the page and not enough filter. I feel trapped in Italy now and writing will set me free. Maybe that's why I don't sleep. Maybe if I stop sleeping Carla will come back and we can start over. 
Just here, just now. I'll wait for her and think of something good to say. Something good to write,
Except this, with an intro like that you have to write something really heart stopping, do you know what I mean? My life hanging in the balance, just like everyone elses.
Story Idea - I developed a therapy that re-channels murderous rage in comic burst of simple practical joke.