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My name is Karl Cummings and I remember everything

Fresh from my electro-apple-typewriter, free from proofreading and ready for the masses. Taking a small break from working on my screenplay.

“I remember everything.” 
Karl was not prone to bragging. So this statement came as a surprise, as did his request for a night out. Just me and him like the old days, before Sheryl and Mel become permeant fixtures. His wife of 10 years, my husband of five (Yes, Sheryl and Mel are the membranes through which our two lives pass)
“Listen, Karl, if you’re trying to entertain me I prefer a floor show, dancers, music, etcetera.” 
Karl turned from his drink and grabbed my hand. Another decidedly unlike Karl thing to do. We’ve been friends since college and “brothers” since I was thrown out of a frat at Arizona State for coming out of the closet. He was the only one to quit the frat in protest. I tried to kiss him once, that didn’t go well.  I put my beer down, I let the upscale trimmings my yuppie life and my yuppie bar fade into the background. I nodded to …