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Geeking-out on this graphic from 

Info-Tech Research Group is the world’s fastest growing information technology research and advisory company, proudly serving over 30,000

IT professionals. They produce  relevant research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions. 

They partner closely with IT teams to provide everything they need, from actionable tools to analyst guidance, ensuring they deliver measurable results for their organizations.

Rumi – A Cap to Wear in Both Worlds

Rumi – A Cap to Wear in Both Worlds
There is a passion in me that doesn’t long for anything from another human being.
I was given something else, a cap to wear in both worlds.  It fell off. No matter.
One morning I went to a place beyond dawn. A source of sweetness that flows and is never less.  I have been shown a beauty that would confuse both worlds,
But I won’t cause that uproar.  I am nothing but a head set on the ground as a gift to Shams.
Midnight, but your forehead shines with dawn.  You dance as
you come to me and curl by curl undo the dark.  Let jealousy end.
There’s a strange frenzy in my head, of birds flying, each particle circulating on its own. Is the one I love everywhere?

From Politifacts... Thursday

Take Paul Ryan’s claim that with this bill, “the typical family of four will save $1,182 a year on their taxes." Turns out that’s Half True, as rated by our Truth-O-Meter. But it’s more complicated than that....


Post from eLearning Heroes....

Timelines are a great way to present sequenced information in a single interaction. You can provide historical info to learners and walk them through processes, one step at a time. They display how events took place over time in a digestible way. And since Storyline makes it super easy to create custom interactivity, it’s a piece of cake to create and customize timeline interactions.


Friday the 13th brings us a passage from Rumi...

"...May this marriage be full of laughter,
our every day a day in paradise.
May this marriage be a sign of compassion,
a seal of happiness here and hereafter.
May this marriage have a fair face and a good name,
an omen as welcomes the moon in a clear blue sky.
I am out of words to describe
how spirit mingles in this marriage."