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Rumi – A Cap to Wear in Both Worlds

Rumi – A Cap to Wear in Both Worlds
There is a passion in me that doesn’t long for anything from another human being.
I was given something else, a cap to wear in both worlds.  It fell off. No matter.
One morning I went to a place beyond dawn. A source of sweetness that flows and is never less.  I have been shown a beauty that would confuse both worlds,
But I won’t cause that uproar.  I am nothing but a head set on the ground as a gift to Shams.
Midnight, but your forehead shines with dawn.  You dance as
you come to me and curl by curl undo the dark.  Let jealousy end.
There’s a strange frenzy in my head, of birds flying, each particle circulating on its own. Is the one I love everywhere?

From Politifacts... Thursday

Take Paul Ryan’s claim that with this bill, “the typical family of four will save $1,182 a year on their taxes." Turns out that’s Half True, as rated by our Truth-O-Meter. But it’s more complicated than that....